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He has now found a new home with a loving family.

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Love on a Leash. Lynda J. This is an enchanting story of a little dog who returns from Heaven to find his owner. He wants people to know that love never-ends. Just as merry-go-rounds go around, life goes full circle. The human-dog bond of love is strong. This book is about respect for life and unconditional love. It is about loyalty and love. Maxwell the character is a brave little dog who has an important message. He wants people to know that dogs do go to Heaven.

We will always be connected, for love never-ends. DeLorenzo, has been a production company executive, artist, writer, and publisher. He was a writer and artist for King Comics, Inc. DeLorenzo makes his home in Southern, California. Nickola Engel. Join Sam as he teaches Josh how to overcome his fear of dogs by teaching him how to behave around them and read their body language to really find out what his dog is saying!

Vitabu Pepe vinavyofanana na hiki. Heather Has a Horse. Christie Coffee Grant. Christie has brought to life a fun story that grew in her imagination about one of her nieces. Heather and her older sister, Lydia, have ridden since they were babies. Seeing the special bond Heather had with Ladybug and Sam, her first horses, gave Christie the idea for this book. Heather is grown now and continues to ride horses. She barrel races every chance she gets and she still loves to feel the wind in her hair. Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. Balto has a quiet life as a sled dog—until tragedy strikes.

Dozens of children in Nome become sick with diphtheria. Without antitoxin serum, they will perish—and the closest supply is miles away! At the BRT stations, people get on and off rapidly, having pre-paid their fares.


Crowds of customers throng to the stores and restaurants; students hurry to their classes and employees to their jobs. Telegraph remains a Berkeley place, but now takes on more of the ambiance of a European city. Merchants think all their customers come by car. Even many Berkeley environmental advocates, for any trip, still choose their personal car first.

The principal question about the BRT seems to be whether its deployment truly will motivate enough bus riding to reduce car congestion. Cars removed from the roads will have to more than compensate for the reduction in road capacity caused by bus-only lanes, reduced on-street parking and so on.

Of course those drivers will not be so motivated—as long we keep our other public practices in place. Such as what? Well, a big start would be for the University to stop plans to build more parking lots, and to increase their support for the Class Pass and the bus pass for staff. For a liberal university town, Berkeley is still deeply conservative about transit. During the last major expansion at Stanford University, public policy produced a plan which did not increase car traffic to campus.

Neither statement is true. When neighbors produced proof of this, the city issued a stop-work order, and the Zoning Adjustments Board nullified her permit.

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That nullification was held up on Ms. Planning staff committed several other mistakes in issuing Ms. Converting a single-family residence into a rooming house requires a public hearing, as do putting parking in the required rear yard and locating residential storage space on the ground floor.

Staff also failed to apply established design review standards: the only design requirement on her original permit was that the siding on the new portion of the cheap, hideous building match the original two-inch shiplap. It was the proper application of design review standards on her current application that led to the additional expense Ms.

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Sun complains of. Even Ms. Legally, the permit can be issued only after a public hearing and approval by the Zoning Adjustments Board of a use permit under section 23E. The city intends to issue Ms. Sun a permit anyway. This act would almost certainly be reversed if challenged in court. However, such a challenge would be counterproductive, since if the application were sent to the ZAB they would most likely resolve the problem by waiving the off-street parking requirement entirely.

And too many Democratic leaders have gone along with these crimes using the same excuse. The world can not afford to wait for more of these outrages to occur. It is time to drive out the Bush regime and all its lackeys before we have no freedom left to protect. To learn more about this, see worldcantwait. Ignoring all international agreements, led by a corrupt and incompetent organization, channeling all resources to its wealthy internal supporters,.

For the Berkeley Police Department to arbitrarily decide that they can ignore the will of the people is disturbing enough; recent news that they have now turned this case over to DEA agents is positively horrifying. Regardless of the Younger v. Berkeley City Council decision, which struck down the earlier Berkeley Marijuana Initiative, BMI II is a completely separate vehicle with different parameters, passed by a strong majority of citizens in The black market will shrivel.

Berkeley has long been a beacon of progressive thought for the entire nation. As Berkeley leads the way toward a more enlightened view of marijuana use in the United States, we especially need the support of our local police forces. We need to be able to trust that they are using our resources wisely and implementing the laws we voted for. Berkeley police services are overseen by City Manager Phil Kamlarz, appointed by the mayor. Concerned citizens are urged to write to Mr. He can be reached at Milvia St. Truly, on behalf of every western Iowan with half-a-brain, I profoundly apologize for the fact that anyone as stupid as Steve King could not only graduate high school but actually get elected to office.

There is This tax is in addition to the 1. While the conversion of a number of duplexes and triplexes in Berkeley could be a real source of affordable home ownership possibilities and a minor diminution of the rental housing supply, this will probably not be possible with this new ordinance. If people do sell as home owner opportunities, they will almost assuredly sell them as tenants in common which are not subject to control by the city. At the City Council meeting today Tuesday , the council will likely formalize an ordinance on condominium conversions that will tax so highly the owners of duplexes and triplexes that they among others, will probably choose not to sell as condominiums.

Many, like myself, have bought these buildings as the only way we middle- and lower-middle income residents could afford to live in Berkeley—by having some income from our buildings. Unfortunately, the improvements on my building have become so expensive that I will have to sell one unit in order to keep my own unit and then it is questionable whether the taxes will force me to sell the other. It was while visiting the Planning Department last September with regard to the details of my building improvements, that I first heard about the new ordinance staff I am told has since been asked not to discuss this ordinance at the counter because it is being revised.

There is much concern, however, about notifying renters of potential conversions—this too is important, but where is the balance? Since then I have been bird-dogging this ordinance, speaking to all but one councilmember, some two and three times, and going to most of the Housing Advisory Committee meetings. I have been trying to learn about the process by which this came about, to make sure there was a public notification of this ordinance and a public workshop on the complex issues involved.

The commission in large part shares the same ideology as Dr. Barton with two or three major exceptions, so his suggestions are often just rubber stamped by HAC. They look to and frequently ask him for direction, rather than asking their constituents. I was on several occasions the only citizen present. Barton while setting Berkeley housing policy, has chosen to live in El Cerrito, Contra Costa County, where he is isolated from the tax consequences of his decisions.

Since the minutes are published by the housing staff, it is only with an extremely vigilant Michael St. John and Marie Bowman that most funny business has been avoided and the truth has come out. Most notably absent at these meetings—is public input, and the lack thereof seems more of a relief than and an interest.

The lack of public input into the formation of this ordinance and its subsequent modifications has been most strongly stated by Darryl Moore. He was the only one with whom I spoke that thought this ordinance should not go forward without a more careful hearing, but Laurie Capitelli, Gordon Wozniak, and Betty Olds seem to support a more inclusive process as well. For most the driving rationale for the passage of this ordinance has been the need to get money into the Affordable Housing Trust Fund which has been decimated by overspending.

The Seattle Post-intelligencer, Volume 20, Number 99, 24 August 1891 — Page 3

Why there is overspending is unclear, but one problem appears to be the lack of clearly defined numerical goals for affordable rental housing that the city subsidizes. The demand for affordable rental housing with our large student population is obviously a bottomless pit.

The only mandate that the Housing Department currently has is for affordable rental housing. Berkeley is creating a divided city of homeowners who pay the property taxes and renters who have the numerical power to pass ordinances. If we are really concerned about diversity in this city, we should be concerned also about programs for different economic levels of home ownership as well as affordable rentals—with numerical goals and limits of spending on both. With home ownership in Berkeley at about 40 percent, there is a need for affordable ownership opportunities which this ordinance could help ameliorate.

The ordinance as it is currently written will only exacerbate disparity, making condominiums all that much more expensive. By allowing conversion to condominiums in smaller buildings without the fees, the city would still be bringing in transfer tax revenues and increases in assessed property values, but simultaneously it could help current Berkeley renters move into ownership positions: market rate and potentially subsidized through the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

If these smaller buildings are not granted conversion exception, those who want will simply sell them as tenants-in-common. The city has much to gained in the clearer title of condominiums as well as money from HUD through their incentive programs. The inclusionary housing element of the current ordinances has generated more affordable rentals subsidized by the developers, the university has built more units, and private developers have built more market rate rental units, but there has not a comparable increase in affordable ownership possibilities.

In short, the City Council should not pass this ordinance in its current form. This ordinance needs much more work before it sees the light of day. The convention will be held at 2 p. This year, however, we are building an open Progressive Coalition Convention. Our first job will be to write progressive platform and principles for Berkeley.

You are invited to help endorse and amend these platforms this Saturday.

dody the secret Ebook

There are at least five reasons why progressive Berkeley needs a united political convention. If we are not united, if we run more than one progressive candidate per office, we most likely lose. Four years ago three progressive candidates ran against Gordon Wozniak for the District 8 City Council seat. Against this divided field, Gordon won, with about 43 percent of the vote.

He is now the councilmember most opposed to affordable housing and rent control. Progressive candidates to the School Board have also defeated each other. A coalition convention will help us to unite and win. To guide our politicians we first need to agree on principles. This Saturday we will present platform planks in these six areas: fair elections; labor; youth and education; city planning, environment and neighborhood; homelessness and poverty; health and disability.

These platforms are works in progress, and they will continue to grow and develop. But we can use our shared principles to question prospective candidates in July, and office holders all year round. Co-operation beyond elections. If we can co-operate for elections, why not for social projects—sustainable, ecological neighborhoods or union organizing, for example? Why not web sites and festivals for communication, or seminars on organizing techniques?

We have to get into the habit of creative co-operation. Multi-party coalition. The Coalition Convention which we are building does not belong to any one party or organization, nor is it beholden to any specific candidate. In July we will endorse candidates in an open convention. But we want to preserve the Berkeley tradition of a multi-party progressive coalition, which has been in existence since , and which relates directly to our community rather than to a national machine.

We invite all progressive organizations and individuals to join together. Only a revived progressive coalition can restore us to justice and to sanity, in our city and, eventually, in our nation. The nation was recently shocked by the beating death of year-old Martin Lee Anderson in a Florida boot camp. Although the camp that Anderson attended has recently been shut down, many similar ones are still in operation throughout the country. The evidence shows otherwise. One hundred and nineteen deaths have been reported due to treatment received in these facilities.

Many are caused by asphyxiation due to the use of restraints. These are not typical handcuff restraints, as you may be thinking. Some of these cases have involved arms being twisted behind the back to the point of breaking and staff members lying or sitting on top of the child for upwards of 30 minutes. Restraints are commonly used to punish such horrendous offenses as talking out of turn and making eye contact with another student.

It should be noted that restraints have caused at least 30 of the deaths. First-hand accounts from students and former staff members of these facilities are equally disturbing. Their statements and experiences make these facilities seem less like boot camps and more like Abu Ghraib. Stress positions, beatings, hog-tying, humiliation including making students soil themselves , and sexual abuse are among the charges. For those who doubt this, the court transcripts are available at www.

Much of the other information given above can also be verified at that site, as well as at www. With all of this information readily available, one would think that the government would be investigating these programs or would have legislation regulating them. Senate and Congressional hearings have not been held, either. How can steroid abuse in professional baseball warrant a Senate hearing while the deaths of children and the abuse of many others is completely ignored?

These facilities are not safe, plain and simple. Until there is some form of oversight, the abuses will continue, and the death toll will rise. If you know of a child enrolled at one of these facilities, do everything in your power to get them out. Their life may depend on your action. Doug found that someone had spent a lot of time and money polling people in dozens of countries on whether or not they believe capitalism is the best economic system. The poll found that a majority of the people surveyed worldwide said yes.

China and India are booming within the capitalist world economy as production, as well as service industries runaway from their native lands, slash work forces and seek out the cheap labor the two population giants have to offer. But in both China and India the disparity of income between rich and poor is huge and a majority of the population is still rural, living under extreme economic pressure.

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In his posting Doug pointed out that, unlike the United States, most people in China and India do not have access to telephones. As a result any pretense that a telephone survey is a random sample of the general population in China or India, is just that, a pretense. Those results may be an accurate reflection of the views of the successful upwardly mobile urban class that is tearing up the asphalt and benefiting from the exceptional economic growth. In the United States it might be a different story, reflecting the spell or delusion that Americans have been put under due to U.

That period of unequal prosperity for the U. But old loyalties die hard and few people know much about the economic causes of the World Wars, including the one that the United States has just begun. Because even asking the question implies that someone is worried. Of course, they ought to be. Delay and his staff, Mr. Most of these guys are going to jail but they are sort of the advance guard, stand ins for a system run amok with thievery via de-regulation and the de-legitimization of law, fairness or social concerns.

I do agree that liberalism is an aspect of capitalism and a liberal politician is not necessarily more honest than a conservative. They are going to waste God knows how many millions to create a new bureaucracy that will tell every person how much they must pay for private health insurance partially subsidizing the poor and then give their folks differing qualities of insurance based upon this means testing. No, capitalism is not everlasting, impenetrable, nor even stable. And it should not surprise any of us that some folks with big bucks are worried. What I think they are worried about is that the W card instead of clearing up some of the ambiguities of power that liberalism reflected in the era of incredible U.

It has narrowed the prerogatives and increased the instability of U. Even the now stagnated Iraq war, which temporarily forestalled a major U. Of course, a brief contemplation leads to the conclusion that more aggression will not stabilize the situation at all. And so there is no where to go, except to poll and wonder how long the people are going to stay loyal.

My guess is, not very long. But I could be wrong. The Democrats just seemed so boring and out of it. The parasitic relationship of public employee unions with the Democratic party was as disheartening as was the excitement with which the Left greeted each new edict from the bench setting forth how our society is to improve whether we like it or not.

A war that is defending all that the Left holds dear from a very real threat to take it all away. I cheered Newt and the boys when they managed to sweep out the decrepit Democratic ancient regime in using the Contract with America. I marveled at how politics can sometimes effect real change when the GOP managed to force Bill Clinton to sign the much needed welfare reform act and the deficit fell to zero. I had high hopes when conservatives finally seized the Senate and promised, with a Republican in the White House, to effect real change.

However, I am feeling a bit disillusioned right now. There is nothing quite like the disappointment of true political love being truly jilted. Since then nada, zip, zilch. The Congress has descended into the mire of wild pork barrel spending; lobbying disgrace, an obvious interest in power over principle and worse has accomplished absolutely nothing in years. Just now we are being treated to the absurd spectacle of election year pandering over immigration and gasoline prices at the same time.

I had thought that virtue would win out a bit longer before the rot set in. The Founders really were wise and I now plan to take heart and refuge in that wisdom. They created a carefully modulated system of governance that responds to the wishes of the electorate in subtle combinations. For example, should the people wish to have change at an accelerated pace they can place the presidency and the Congress in the hands of the same party and over time the Supreme Court will join that structure.

If the electorate wishes to modulate the pace of change then one house of Congress can be returned to control by the opposition. It seems to me that to enforce a penalty on the GOP in Congress for accomplishing nothing over the past several years and completely losing its intellectual bearings and wasting the public purse that a period of divided government is called for. This is hard for me to say, but I think that it would be for the best if Democrats take back control of the House in November.

Full text of "The print of my remembrance"

Now, I do admit that the specter of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House may be enough to cause many voters to blanch. However, this would be an ideal way to force the GOP to reconsider what it really wants to do. It may also give the Democrats a chance to think about what they can offer going forward. The people who are steering the meetings have their own agendas. They are always very negative and about what we can do, or about what we will be allowed to do.

Height and density, affordable housing and low-income housing always come up. Talk about doing something different is stymied. And then there is this guy there with all the reports and all the data supporting his politically correct directive about the project. The way it looks now, we are planning another Salvo Village.

All this has nothing to do with what the neighborhood needs. What this neighborhood needs is jobs. Except for the Berkeley Bowl, South Berkeley has squat as far as economic vitality goes. All the development money seems to go to downtown and north. Any economic vitality that used to be here was destroyed by the BART development. We are desperate to have something happen here so we camouflage the project by using words like low income or affordable housing.

We want you to think that it will be housing for police, firemen, and other city workers. How sad! Police and firefighters are not going to bring their families to live in south Berkeley. This is a high-crime neighborhood. Some grant money has been dangled if front of the various community factions and they are spending their time arguing over who gets it. All the parameters for building have been stated and outlined by the city.

It looks like a Salvo Village. Building a mundane housing development is not what this neighborhood needs. A while back we were thrown a few scraps of community development money, and what it was used for was to put in cute streetlights. The streets are empty at night. To make it clear about whom the city thinks we are and what we are. The planters had seats going around them for people to sit on. So, the people started using them to sit on, and the city got scared, and fixed them so no one can use the seats. I do know they had no idea who was really going to use them.

This is not suburbia where moms are going to be hanging out with their strollers and tow headed kids. Planners have some kind of utopian idea about how things should be. They just want to help us. They want us to be politically correct. They want us to be healthy. They want us to eat the right foods, and they want us to have housing that conforms to their idea of neatness and order. Thank you! It never was. Personally, I think there should be a story office, hotel and condo project built there.

It should have affordable housing, a mall with room for some restaurants and places to hang out, and anything else the people from the community want. A lot of the construction jobs should go to the community and it should be sensitive to community needs. The Berkeley Flea Market should be part of the project, and we should try to get the Derby Street Farmers Market to be part of it also. How about Ashby Plaza with the Hotel Ashby? It is centrally located, close to Alta Bates hospital, and could become the hub of a public transportation system.

A hotel would certainly bring jobs into the neighborhood. An exciting project here would certainly turn things around. His ability to break the law and then to defend these actions before the press and congress make him the perfect candidate. The CIA has institutionalized law breaking and it needs a director who can continue this record.

A brief look at CIA history is illustrative. The CIA has been repeatedly involved in regime change. In it overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran. In the CIA ousted the Guatemalan president. Immediately after this coup over , Indonesians were massacred. Of course these coups were only a small fraction of the regime changes fostered illegally by the CIA.

The CIA has regularly participated in assassinations. In the Congo, Patrice Lumumba was murdered. It regularly opened domestic and foreign mail and conducted domestic spying. The CIA has not only violated the fourth amendment, but also the first amendment guarantee of a free press. In Operation Mockingbird the CIA recruited news organizations and journalists to become spies and to disseminate propaganda. Some 25 news organizations and journalists became CIA assets as a result.

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There are so many reasons to retain green space—the biggest one being oxygen. Has everyone forgotten that trees and plants provide the oxygen we need to breathe? What the council is proposing will reduce oxygen production and increase toxic fumes right beside your bedroom or living room. If you park your car there, you can also repair your car there. Loud car radios blasting as cars are driven in and out of yards. Fumes and noise from vehicles warming up before driving pouring into my home is not something I relish.

Motorcycles and classic cars with loud engines no smog control. Will of course aggravate the problems. Anytime you mess with the substructure of the earth, you weaken the chain that holds it all together. Each weakened link in the chain of root systems and soil structure increases the likelihood of earthquake damage and flooding. Privacy will be drastically decreased. Our code seeks to ban the breeding, not the breed. Breed bans do not work. I support responsible dog breeding, and any code would include exemptions to the law and permits for breeding.

These dogs cannot find homes—they are bred and discarded. Or is it that to protect their monopoly over dog breed standards and championship shows, and the profitable interests that flow from that, the plain realities of life for most dogs is unimportant? Seventy-five percent of dogs killed in shelters in the Bay Area are pit bulls or pit mixes. If the meltdown in maintenance came as a shock to the administration, it can only be because they were not paying attention to the employees, their union, community members involved in oversight and the school community that relies on their services.

The warning signs had been obvious to anyone looking for some time. The recently departed maintenance director lacked the experience, training and ability to oversee the department and its budget. That she was hired in the first place was astonishing. That she was allowed to mismanage the department into disarray must be laid squarely at the door on the BUSD administration. While we remain optimistic about a change in direction in maintenance and stand ready to work with the BUSD to improve matters, we remain concerned about another looming disaster that the administration is bringing about.

In the new BSEP measure, the superintendent has eliminated all funding for facilities enhancement and improvement. In the current measure, BSEP only provides seven cents out of every dollar for facilities, a very small amount. However, those monies allowed the district to upgrade all its playgrounds to replace worn-out and unsafe equipment as well as meet new mandatory state and federal safety regulations.

And remember, such playground upgrades are not discretionary. Either the district meets federal and state safety regulations or students cannot use the playgrounds. Without the BSEP funds, many school would not have been able to use their playgrounds. We can only hope that the community and the School Board corrects this defect in the new BSEP measure and restores the minimal amount from the current measure for facilities maintenance. Dona Spring has served District 4 with distinction since , and has faced many challengers over that span of time.

She has handily won re-election each time because the residents and voters of District 4 recognize her commitment to their needs and to the needs of the city as a whole. She has been and will continue to be a tireless representative who truly encourages and promotes public process and community input, and has been a leader in the areas of open government, full disclosure, and fair campaigns and campaign funding.

Developers and business interests have for years tried to unseat Ms. Spring, because it has always been clear who Dona represents: the residents of District 4. I believe the voters of District 4 will see this new challenge as yet another example of moneyed interests attempting to wrest control of the city, and will once again re-elect Dona Spring to the City Council.

I hope it was at least videotaped as these customarily are. The valuable time donated by eminent designers was a gift to the people of Berkeley but, alas, consumed only by city insiders. What an opportunity lost. These professional designers are accustomed to public glare; it exhilarates them to best performance. What does our city think of us? I hope to see a full and fair sharing of all—debate, dissent, proposal. Hence we must have a voice in fashioning it. We all remember his energy policy formulation meetings of attended by oil company representatives.

These too were closed to the public. According to Taecker: Committee members need space to meet without the glare of public scrutiny. If Cheney had said these things, the Berkeley community, mayor and City Council would be rightly outraged. Will there be any such expressions by our public elected officials regarding the public having no say about how downtown Berkeley will be developed? Will this be like the agreement between the university and the City of Berkeley where no public debate was permitted before the City Council votes? Is this type of meeting, having nothing to do with privacy regarding personnel matters, covered by the Brown Act that bars many secret meetings by California governments?

Speak up Mr. Mayor and councilmembers and get the doors opened to the public and the press. The next statement also makes some leaps of faith. I also saw an interview with only one person in the story, who was not in support of the development, however no attempt was made to contact those in support of it.

Anthony and was referred to Mr. I can read e-mails just as well as anyone else. Is it really that difficult? I really feel that you are doing your readership a great disservice by having op-ed pieces published as real stories. Doing so unfortunately puts you in the same league as Fox News. I genuinely hope that this was oversight rather than a new Daily Planet policy. Ed Church came up with the vision of a Fruitvale-style transit village at Ashby BART on his own, and spent several years quietly refining his plan and discreetly shopping it around before getting the support of District 3 City Council representative Max Anderson and Mayor Tom Bates.

Where do blacks stand on immigrant rights? Your juxtaposition of two contrasting views in the May 9 issue could not have been more poignant. For Van Jones the immigrant movement is a bandwagon that resurrects from the grave the spirit, the hope, the excitement, the expectation and the determination of the black struggle of decades ago. Jones bases his view on participation in the march. On the other hand, the article by Jasmine A. Cannick and Earl Ofari Hutchinson represents much that is wrong with some professional political pundits. They cite a poll and compare the publicity releases of black and brown leaders on the immigrant issue, and they conclude that black and brown are not communicating.

Jones laments that they seem a thing of the past, so, he marches with the immigrants. He mentions songs during the march. Margot reports that at the Democratic Convention that nominated John F. Even though on the evenings when I want to hear an author speak there, I feel obliged to run for my life to my car afterwards.

Now, let me tell you about my rage. It is frightening to gentle souls and enraging to the civic minded me, for one. Telegraph Avenue is a blighted area. It is our neighbor and it is not our friend. According to the newspapers lately, it looks like UC is no stranger to corruption—we, the citizens of Berkeley might find this a good time to ask for some of that under-the-table money that seems to be available.

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