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Instead, when not suffering in the yoke of his menial, minimum-wage job, he medicates with booze and cigarettes, revisits happy memories in a painful light and adopts a more or less nocturnal schedule. He does not hope or strive for more. Besides, only the doomers have any relevance, because they are the type that the 4chan depressives identify with.

The others are not derived from actual, observable human personalities; they are pure caricature, fantasies that the doomer has of lives more endurable than his own.

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The doomer, meanwhile, wallows in his self-pitying nihilism, which is justified with dour philosophy quotes from the likes of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. This is the very stew of ingredients that currently fuels a global network of violent white supremacy.

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Pink Wojak. Country Feels. Norf F. Sorry about the audio for BvZ I fucked up the hardware settings. Zwick made this fix. He's heavily into drinking and drugs, his relationship with Sheep is in shambles, he's lashing out at his friends, and Boomie goes back to basics.

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Zoomie goes back to drinking. And: there's Andy Signore news.

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Speaking of big, dramatic endings. Mumkey enters Clownworld. Asterios enters hell.