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When you travel with WWF through Natural Habitat Adventures, you join us as a force for change in addressing the most pressing conservation challenges around the world. Together, we are pioneering conservation travel , sustainable travel that supports the protection of nature, wildlife and local communities. Your trip helps us transform the future of nature. View all trips h.

See bears in Southeast Alaska

Natural Habitat Adventures is inviting U. The two grant winners will journey into remote forest groves in the mountains of Mexico, where millions of butterflies congregate for the winter. Applications will be accepted from June 3 to September 3, Conservation Travel is a critical tool to accelerate the preservation of nature.

When you travel with us, your tourism dollars flow to local communities who live with and steward nature - creating jobs and improving livelihoods. Your trip then becomes a powerful incentive for local communities to protect their natural resources, making wildlife worth more alive than dead, and wild lands worth more intact than degraded. Because of its commitment to environmentally friendly travel and the exceptional quality of its adventures, we are proud to partner with Natural Habitat Adventures to offer conservation-minded travel experiences.

I also want to do a huski ride aswell and see other arctic wildlife, like arctic foxes. Who's the best tour to go with and at what time of the year guarentees me my hopes?

Amazing Trip to ANAN Bears - Breakaway Adventures Day Tours

If possible, I would consider adding on a trip to Canada to see bears fishing for Salmon too, but this isn't as important. Charlotte you've come to a great place for info. First of all, Churchill is in Manitoba, Canada and not Alaska. I don't know that you'll be able to see polar bears in either Alaska or Churchill in May. No guarantees with wildlife, as you probably know. I don't know where the best place might be to see arctic foxes.

I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse and photo of one way north of Fairbanks, AK last March while on an arctic drive tour to the arctic circle. Even the arctic hare can be allusive to see and photograph. Bear fishing for salmon in Alaska is pretty much a late June through early September experience, I believe.

I don't know about bear in Canada.

Where to See Polar Bears in the Wild

I'd say you first need to decide are you looking to go to Canada or Alaska. Hi Charlotte. I am going to Churchill in November for my third trip with Frontiers North. They have always treated me exceptionally well. Check out www. I have been lucky enough to see arctic fox and hare, gyrfalcon, snowy owls, ptarmigan, Canada goose and lemmings, as well as the all important bears. Nanuk Lodge is situated smack dab in the middle of a denning area for polar bears where mothers and cubs spend their summers.

Each morning, our guides had a clear idea of which way they would head in search of bears. It wasn't long before we came upon a mother and her cub relaxing on the coast. During our flight out to the lodge, we saw at least a dozen bears walking and during our safari, we saw four polar bears at close proximity during our walking safaris with at least another half a dozen in the distance. It was truly mesmerizing.

What is the best tour to take to see the Polar Bears? - Churchill Forum

We set out each day on our Arctic rhinos in the direction of the last polar bear spotting and eventually saw what we were looking for on the horizon. Andy and Albert would then drive towards the bear until we reached close enough to start a hike towards it. When we got out of the rhinos, we had strict instructions to walk in single file and to avoid making sudden movements or noise.

Plus we had to stay behind Andy at all times while Albert kept a lookout in the back. It was exciting to walk across the tundra through streams and rough terrain. We saw wolf and moose tracks along with the massive polar bear tracks.

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We may not have always seen the wildlife that surrounded us, but it was all certainly there. The polar bears knew we were coming, they could sense us and they took notice. But for the most part, they didn't bother with us. Polar bears are the largest carnivores on earth and to see them with your own two eyes as you stand exposed on the stark Canadian landscape, makes you realize just how small and vulnerable we are as human beings. These creatures are at the top of the food chain, but even though they are massive, when you are standing in a group at a safe distance with knowledgeable guides, you can truly appreciate their beauty.

We never felt frightened or worried. We had complete trust in the skill and experience of Albert and Andy.

When one guest asked if we could go closer to the bears, Andy firmly replied. Polar bears move fast and they could be at our location in a heartbeat. I felt safer watching from afar and I believe a safari is about putting as little impact on wildlife as possible. Farther away is less stressful for them. We could watch the bears for hours and we often did.

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But driving along the tundra was just as exciting as seeing the polar bears. We searched for and ate fresh strawberries, visited a shipwreck on the shore and even spied a bull moose in the middle of the bush for one split second. He knew this land like the back of his hand. We weren't outside 24 hours a day though. The Nanuk Lodge is a cozy and comfortable lodge with wood burning stoves, an excellent chef and kitchen staff preparing three meals a day.

They even presentations to keep us occupied at night as we sipped wine by the fire. He put on a presentation for us all about his escapades around the world and our guide. Even as we sat inside, we were treated to wildlife encounters. Black bears circled our compound foraging for berries and having heated stand offs with one another as they claimed their turf.

We even had a large black wolf stop by to say hello. We had to stay inside the fence, but we could go outside and watch them from just a few feet away as they peeked in our direction every so often to see what we were up to. At night another show started. May people visit Canada's North to see the Northern Lights. The staff keeps a lookout for the Aurora Borealis and if they are active, you'll get a wake up call with a knock on your door.

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  8. We were up at 2 am watching the lights dance in the sky. We had only seen the Northern Lights one other time in Greenland and this was a highlight for us to actually witness the dancing hues of green and magenta on our own soil. We could have easily slept through the display, but thanks to Churchill Wild, we saw it all unfold before our eyes.

    It reminded me of an African Safari , only with different majestic animals and cooler temperatures. While the prime viewing times are October and November for polar bears in Churchill, late August and September give you the opportunity to experience Polar Bears like you never thought possible. You don't have to sit behind the glass of a tundra vehicle to snap a photo of them in the snow, instead, you can walk right up to them within just a hundred or so feet and see them surrounded by the layered colours of summer on Hudson Bay.