Resolving Apparent Contradictions in the Bible

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The issue many people have with Genesis 2 is that the order of the creation of man, animals and trees seems to contradict the order stated in Genesis 1. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When you first look at these two texts against each other, there seems to be a contradiction because in Genesis 1, the text has the animals and trees created prior to the creation of man.

However, if you understand the original language of the text and the translation process, both of these issues are resolved. The Hebrew word for formed in both passages is yatsar. In particular translations like the New King James version previously mentioned the verb is translated in its perfect form.

However, when the Hebrew word is translated in its pluperfect form, it reads had formed these creatures. He brought them to man to see what he would name them. This version eliminates the issue with chronology because it refers to what God had already done in early during the week of creation. This means that the plants referenced in Genesis and the animals referenced in Genesis had already been formed by God earlier.

Ultimately, Genesis 1 is an overview of creation and Genesis 2 zeroes in on the creation of humanity. They are often misunderstood simply because of the translation that is often read. Proverbs —5—How can contradictory commands both be true? Proverbs —Is it right to cover sins or not? Proverbs —If the fear of man is on all beasts, why do lions not fear humans?

Proverbs —Does this verse encourage drinking strong alcoholic beverages? Ecclesiastes —How can this book be part of the Scriptures since it contains such skepticism? Ecclesiastes —Is wisdom the source of happiness, or the means of sorrow? Ecclesiastes —Is Solomon commending hedonism here? Ecclesiastes —If all return to dust, how can there be a resurrection? Ecclesiastes —21—If there is life after death, why does Solomon declare that man has no advantage over the beasts?

Ecclesiastes —How is it possible to be too righteous?

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Ecclesiastes —Are the lives of the wicked prolonged or shortened? Ecclesiastes —Do the dead remember anything? Song of Solomon —Why do so many people who claim to interpret the Bible literally, spiritualize the Song of Solomon? Isaiah —13—Did the prophet Isaiah disavow the sacrificial system of Moses? Isaiah —Is this verse a prophecy about the virgin birth of Jesus Christ? Isaiah —Does this passage predict the coming of Mohammed?

Isaiah —Will the light of the sun and moon be increased or decreased in the future kingdom? Isaiah —If nothing is like God, then how can humans be in the image of God? Isaiah —How could Isaiah talk in such specific terms about a king that would not exist for some years? Isaiah —Was Jesus despised by men or respected by them? Isaiah —Did Isaiah predict there would be homosexuals in the kingdom? Isaiah —Does God dwell in eternity or with men? Jeremiah —Do the later prophets disavow the earlier sacrificial system of Moses?

Apparent Bible Contradictions

Jeremiah —Was Jehoiachin childless or did he have heirs? Jeremiah —Is this passage about Jehoiakim or Zedekiah? Jeremiah —Did Zedekiah see the King of Babylon or not? Jeremiah —How can this book be inspired if the original manuscript of Jeremiah perished? Jeremiah —How can this verse say that Jehoiakim shall have no one to sit on the throne when his son reigned after him?

Solutions To Bible “Errors”

Jeremiah —13—How can these verses talk about the invasion of Nebuchadnezzar when there is no evidence that it ever happened? Jeremiah —Does this date of the defeat of the Egyptian armies by Nebuchadnezzar contradict the date given in Daniel ? Ezekiel —Did God deceive these false prophets? Ezekiel —Did Israel imitate the heathen or not? Ezekiel —Was the sin of Sodom selfishness rather than homosexuality?

BIBLE CONTRADICTIONS ANSWERED -- Biblical Errors Mistakes Difficulties Discrepancies Countered

Ezekiel —20—Does Ezekiel prophesy about an invasion of Egypt by Nebuchadnezzar which never actually took place? Daniel —Why does Daniel refer to the Chaldeans as a group of wise men here when he refers to them as an ethnic group in ? Daniel —If Daniel was faithful to God, why did he not refuse to bow to this idol too? Daniel —How can Daniel say the last king of Babylon was Belshazzar when history records that it was Nabonidus? Daniel —How can the Book of Daniel be inspired if it makes reference to a man that modern scholarship says never existed?

Daniel —Did Daniel continue until the first year of Cyrus or the third year of his reign? Daniel —Will the resurrection be partial or universal? Hosea —Do the prophets disavow the sacrificial system of Moses? Hosea —How can this verse say that Ephraim will return to Egypt when says that Ephraim will not return there? Obadiah—Is the prophecy of Obadiah simply an expression of Jewish nationalism? Jonah —Why does Jonah refer to the king of Assyria simply as the king of Nineveh?

Habakkuk —Is this a prediction of the Prophet Mohammed? Haggai —Why does this verse imply that the building of the temple began in b. Acts —21—Did Peter make a mistake in quoting Joel? Acts —Did Peter declare that baptism was necessary for salvation? Acts —45—Did early Christians practice communism? Acts —Will all things be restored to God or just some things? Acts —35—Did early Christians practice communism?

Acts —Is repentance a gift of God or an act of man? Acts —37—Does Luke make a mistake concerning Theudas and Judas? Acts —Does this passage indicate that it is a sin to receive a blood transfusion? Acts —3—Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised when he himself spoke so strongly against it? Acts —Why did Paul quote an uninspired pagan poet? Acts —10—How could Eutycus be dead if he had life in him?

Romans —Does this verse mean that homosexuals should not be heterosexual because it is unnatural to them? Romans —Does this statement imply that we were only potential humans before we were born, not actual human beings? Romans —Was Jesus actually in human flesh or only in its likeness?

Romans —Is the Holy Spirit our mediator or is Christ? Romans —Are all the called ones saved or only some? Romans —How can Pharaoh be free if God hardened his heart? Romans —27—How can there be a future for the nation of Israel since they rejected the Messiah? Galatians —Does Paul err in the amount of time between Abraham and the time the Law was given? Ephesians —How can a person believe if he or she is dead in sins?

Ephesians —How could the mystery of Christ be hidden in previous ages and yet known by the OT Prophets? Ephesians —Does Paul inaccurately quote Psalm ? Philippians —Are Christians perfect, or still on the way? Colossians —Does this verse teach that all will be saved universalism? Colossians —Does this verse mean Christians should not study philosophy?

101 Cleared-up Contradictions in the Bible

Colossians —Are Christians obligated to keep the Sabbath? Colossians —What happened to the lost epistle of the Laodiceans? Titus —Should the wayward be instructed or expelled from the church? Hebrews —Does the devil have the power of death or does God? Hebrews —18—Was it possible for Christ to have sinned? Hebrews a—Did Christ have flesh only before His resurrection? Hebrews b—Did Christ shrink from death or face it courageously?

Hebrews —6 cf. Hebrews —Does this verse support reincarnation? Hebrews —10—Do these verses indicate that an embryo is merely a potential human being, not an actual human person? Hebrews —Was the Law of Moses perfect or imperfect? Hebrews —Were there three things in the ark or only the tables of stone? Hebrews —7—How can we explain the distorted quotation of Psalm 40? Hebrews —Did OT sacrifices make atonement for sins? Hebrews —Did Abraham know where he was going when he left his homeland to follow God?

Hebrews cf. James —If the demons believe in God, then why are they not saved? James —If Abraham was saved by works, why does the Bible say he was justified by faith? James —Was the drought three years or three-and-a-half years? Revelation —Will Jesus come again as a lion or a lamb? Revelation —Is Christ merciful or wrathful? Revelation —Does the Bible teach that the world is square? Revelation —8—Who are the , of whom John writes here? Revelation —Is heaven a place of rest and quiet or of incessant praise and singing? Revelation —Can demons perform miracles?

Arndt, William, Robert G. Hoerber, and Walther R. Bible Difficulties and Seeming Contradictions Concordia. Bing, Charlie.


Matthew —Is anything impossible for God? Mark —20—How many demoniacs were there? Luke ff—Should Christians worship Mary? Luke —Is a good name a blessing or a curse? Luke —39—How many demoniacs were there? Luke —How can the dead bury their own dead? Luke —Do all seekers find God? Luke ff—Should prayer be continuous or brief? John —Was Jesus alone the Son of God? John —Did Jesus come to judge the world or not? John —Did Jesus lie to His brothers? John —Does God hear the prayers of sinners? John —Is Jesus the shepherd or a sheep? John —Was Christ one with the Father?

John —Was Jesus the vine or the root? John —Did Jesus ever pray for unbelievers? John —Was Jesus crucified on Friday? Genesis —Where did Cain get his wife? Genesis —Does the Bible approve of polygamy? Genesis —How could people live over years? Genesis —Did God temporarily forget Noah? Genesis —20—Who was Melchizedek? Genesis —How many wives did Esau have? Exodus a—Does God get jealous? Exodus —Can God be seen? Exodus —Can God get tired? Exodus —Does God have fingers? Exodus —Does God change His mind? Leviticus —Did God abhor Israel? Deuteronomy —3—When was the Ark made? Judges —Does God condone assassinations?

Judges —How could Samson capture foxes? Job —Was Job a real historical person? Job —21—Does this verse teach reincarnation? Job —Can God be known by humans? Psalm —Is God approachable or unapproachable? Psalm —Do the righteous ever beg bread? Psalm —Does God sleep? Psalm —5—Is this a prediction of Mohammed? Proverbs —Is foolishness correctable? Ecclesiastes —Is laughter good or bad? Isaiah —Who is Lucifer in this verse?

Isaiah —Is God the author of evil? Jeremiah —Do the wicked prosper or not? Jeremiah —Can God repent? Jeremiah —Did God deceive Jeremiah? Ezekiel —Who is the prince of Tyre? Joel —Does God sit or stand to judge? Acts —Is David in heaven or not? Acts —Is Christ the only way of salvation? Romans —Is immortality acquired or possessed? Romans —Does keeping the law bring life? Galatians —Is Christ blessed or cursed?

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Ephesians —Did Jesus descend into hell? Ephesians —Is anger a sin or not? And John, not to be outdone, says Mary Magdalene was there.

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Or, 2 Samuel 24 says God provoked David to number the people. But Chronicles says Satan did it. Ok, Chronicles was written probably a long time after Samuel. God did it in Samuel, Satan did it in Chronicles. Who did it? You do it; God does it. God moved David; Satan moved David.