Ante-Nicene Fathers Volume 7 - Enhanced Version (Early Church Fathers)

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Chapter XXXV. Chapter XL. Chapter XLI. Chapter XLII. Chapter XLIV. Chapter XLV. Chapter XLVI. Chapter XLIX. Chapter L. On Idolatry. Its Copiousness. Idolatry: Origin and Meaning of the Name. Idols and Idol-Makers in the Same Category. Sundry Objections or Excuses Dealt with. Idolatry Condemned by Baptism. Other Arts Made Subservient to Idolatry.

Lawful Means of Gaining a Livelihood Abundant. Professions of Some Kinds Allied to Idolatry. Of Astrology in Particular. Of Schoolmasters and Their Difficulties. Connection Between Covetousness and Idolatry. Of the Observance of Days Connected with Idolatry.

Of Blasphemy. One of St. Paul's Sayings. Examples of the Three Children and Daniel. Concerning Private Festivals. The Cases of Servants and Other Officials. Dress as Connected with Idolatry. Concerning Military Service. Concerning Idolatry in Words. Of Silent Acquiescence in Heathen Formularies. Of Accepting Blessing in the Name of Idols. Written Contracts in the Name of Idols. Tacit Consent.

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General Conclusion. The Shows, or De Spectaculis. The Chaplet, or De Corona. To Scapula. Ad Nationes. Tertullian Urges This with Much Indignation. The Name Vindicated. The Virtues of the Christians. The Christians Defamed. Refutation of the Story. Homer Made the Gods Contemptible. The Charge of Worshipping a Cross. The Charge of Infanticide Retorted on the Heathen. Other Charges Repelled by the Same Method. Flippancy and Irreverence Retorted on the Heathen.

Christians Charged with an Obstinate Contempt of Death. Instances of the Same are Found Amongst the Heathen. Truth and Reality Pertain to Christians Alone. The Uncertainty and Confusion of Their Speculations. The Name Indicative of the True Deity. God Without Shape and Immaterial. Anecdote of Thales. The Physical Theory Continued. Transition from the Physical to the Mythic Class of Gods.

Fathers of the Post-Nicene Era

The Gods of the Mythic Class. Homer and the Mythic Poets. Why Irreligious. The Gods of the Different Nations. Varro's Gentile Class. Their Inferiority. Serapis a Perversion of Joseph. The Power of Rome. Romanized Aspect of All the Heathen Mythology. Varro's Threefold Distribution Criticised. A Disgraceful Feature of the Roman Mythology. Much Indelicacy in This System. Saturn or Time Was Human.

Inconsistencies of Opinion About Him. The Gods Human at First. Hercules an Inferior Character. The Roman Monopoly of Gods Unsatisfactory. Inventors of Useful Arts Unworthy of Deification. An Answer to the Jews. Of Circumcision and the Supercession of the Old Law. Of the Observance of the Sabbath. Of Sacrifices. Of the Abolition and the Abolisher of the Old Law. Of the Prophecies of the Birth and Achievements of Christ. Further Proofs, from Ezekiel. Summary of the Prophetic Argument Thus Far. Further Proofs from the Calling of the Gentiles.

Argument from the Destruction of Jerusalem and Desolation of Judea. Clue to the Error of the Jews. The Soul's Testimony. A Treatise on the Soul. Other Platonist Arguments Considered. Particulars of the Alleged Communication to a Montanist Sister. The Identity of Spirit and Soul. The Soul's Supremacy. The Soul's Vitality and Intelligence. Its Character and Seat in Man. The Soul's Parts.

Elements of the Rational Soul. Plato Suggested Certain Errors to the Gnostics. Functions of the Soul. Varieties Only Accidental. Definition of the Soul. Plato's Inconsistency. Further Refutation of the Pythagorean Theory. The State of Contemporary Civilisation. The Profanity of Simon Magus Condemned. On the Sexes of the Human Race.

On the Formation and State of the Embryo. Its Relation with the Subject of This Treatise. On the Growth of the Soul. Dreams, an Incidental Effect of the Soul's Activity. Diversity of Dreams and Visions. Instances of Dreams. Dreams Variously Classified. Causes and Circumstances of Dreams. What Best Contributes to Efficient Dreaming. No Soul Naturally Exempt from Dreams.

Death Entirely Separates the Soul from the Body.

Polycarp Ante Nicene Father Church Fathers 1st Century disciple of St John

The Hades of Plato. The Privilege of the Martyrs. God Alone Can Raise the Dead. Points Postponed. Introduction, by the American Editor. The Prescription Against Heretics. They Have Not the Truth. Simile of Pugilists and Gladiators in Illustration. The Constancy of Christ. Sundry Passages Adduced. These Imply the Possibility of Falling into Heresy. Heretics are Self-Condemned. The Heresy of Apelles.

Pagan Philosophy the Parent of Heresies. Summary of the Creed, or Rule of Faith. Restless Curiosity, the Feature of Heresy. Christ First Delivered the Faith. The Apostles Safe Transmitters of the Truth. Sufficiently Taught at First, and Faithful in the Transmission. The Apostles Not Ignorant. The Heretical Pretence of St. Peter Not Rebuked for Error in Teaching. Peter's Further Vindication. Paul Not Superior to St. Peter in Teaching. Comparative Lateness of Heresies. Marcion's Heresy. Some Personal Facts About Him.

None of the Heretics Claim Succession from the Apostles. The Apostolic Churches the Voice of the Apostles. Heresy, as Perverting the Truth, is Connected Therewith. Harmony of the Church and the Scriptures.

Fathers of the Church Series ( vols.) - Verbum

What St. No Difference in the Spirit of Idolatry and of Heresy. The Notorious Wantonness of Their Women. Loose Company Preferred by Heretics. The Five Books Against Marcion. Introductory Notes. The Unity of God. Defence of the Divine Unity Against Objection. Marcion Untrue to His Theory. The Divine Essence is the Thing at Issue. Specific Points. His Inconsistency Herein Exposed.

The Lateness of the Revelation of Marcion's God. Paul with St. Peter, Shown to Have Mistaken St. Paul's Position and Argument. Marcion's Doctrine Confuted Out of St. God's Attribute of Goodness Considered as Rational. Marcion's Contempt of the Body Absurd. Marcion Forbids Marriage. Adam's Heresy. God Known by His Works. Spiritual as Well as Physical Gifts to Man. The Blessings of Man's Free-Will. Marcion's Cavils Considered. His Objection Refuted, I. Man's Fall Foreseen by God. Another Cavil Answered, I.

Another Cavil Met, I. The Devilish Nature Superadded by Wilfulness. They are Compatible in the True God. Evil of Two Kinds, Penal and Criminal. Defence of the Divine Dispensation in that Matter. The Law of the Sabbath-Day Explained. The Gathering of Sticks a Violation. Their Meaning. Other Objections Considered. God's Condescension in the Incarnation. Perverseness of the Marcionite Cavils. Marcion's Christ Not the Subject of Prophecy. Prophecies of Christ's Rejection Examined. Isaiah's Prophecy of Emmanuel.

Christ Entitled to that Name.

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Isaiah's Prophecies Considered. The Virginity of Christ's Mother a Sign. Other Prophecies Also Signs. Military Metaphors Applied to Christ. Joshua a Type of Him. Types of the Death of Christ. Prophecies of the Death of Christ. The Sure Mercies of David.

What These are. The Other Gospels Equally Authoritative. Luke's Gospel Alone. Paul Rebuked. The Apostolic Gospels Perfectly Authentic. Antiquity the Criterion of Truth in Such a Matter. Marcion's Pretensions as an Amender of the Gospel. Marcion's Only a Mutilated Edition. Marcion's Object in Adulterating the Gospel. No Rival Christ Admissible. Marcion Rejected the Preceding Portion of St. Luke's Gospel. Out of St.


Christ Compared with the Prophet Elisha. The Call of Levi the Publican. Christ in Relation to the Baptist. Christ as the Bridegroom. The Parable of the Old Wine and the New. Arguments Connecting Christ with the Creator. Christ's Authority Over the Sabbath. The Withered Hand Healed on the Sabbath.

Christ's Connection with the Creator Shown. Christ's Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes. Sermon on the Mount Continued. The Precept of Loving One's Enemies. Sundry Precepts of Charity Explained. Concerning Loans. Prohibition of Usury and the Usurious Spirit. On Reprisals. Concerning the Centurion's Faith. The Raising of the Widow's Son. Explanation of Christ's Apparent Rejection Them. Christ's Power Over Unclean Spirits. The Case of the Legion.

The Cure of the Issue of Blood. Luke's Narrative of the Mission of the Disciples. The Feeding of the Multitude. The Confession of St. Being Ashamed of Christ. Marcionite Pretensions Absurd. The Same Conclusion Supported by the Transfiguration. Peter's Ignorance Accounted for on Montanist Principle. Precedents Drawn from the Old Testament. This Concealment Judiciously Effected by the Creator. Other Points in St. Luke's Chap.

From St. The Exclamation of the Woman in the Crowd. Christ's Reprehension of the Pharisees Seeking a Sign. Scripture Abounds with Admonitions of a Similar Purport.

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  5. Proofs of His Mission from the Creator. Parables of the Mustard-Seed, and of the Leaven. The Absurdity of the Marcionite Interpretation. John Baptist and Herod. The Cure of the Ten Lepers. Old Testament Analogies. Christ, the Stone Rejected by the Builders. Indications of Severity in the Coming of Christ. His Salutation--Son of David. The Salvation of the Body as Denied by Marcion. The Creator. Christ's Refutations of the Pharisees. Next of the Sadducees, Respecting Marriage in the Resurrection. The Terrible Signs of His Coming. Parallel Passages of Prophecy. The Passover. The Treachery of Judas.

    The Institution of the Lord's Supper. Christ's Conduct Before the Council Explained. Pilate and Herod. Barabbas Preferred to Jesus. Details of the Crucifixion. The Earthquake and the Mid-Day Darkness.

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    All Wonderfully Foretold in the Scriptures of the Creator. The Pious Women at the Sepulchre. The Angels at the Resurrection. Marcion's Manipulation of the Gospel on This Point. Holmes' Note. Additional Note. This Book Agrees with the Pauline Epistles. Paul Quite in Accordance with St.

    Peter and Other Apostles of the Circumcision. His Censure of St. Peter Explained, and Rescued from Marcion's Misapplication. Marcion's Tampering with St. Paul's Writings Censured. Another Instance of Marcion's Tampering with St. Paul's Text. Mosaic Rites Abrogated by the Creator Himself. The lists of early Roman bishops are in hopeless confusion, some making Clement the immediate successor of St.

    Peter, others placing Linus, and others still Linus and Anacletus, between him and the apostle. The internal evidence, again, leaves the matter doubtful, though it has been strongly pressed on both sides. The probability seems, on the whole, to be in favour of the Domitian period, so that the Epistle may be dated about a. This Epistle was held in very great esteem by the early Church. The account given of it by Eusebius Hist. Paul , great and admirable, which he wrote in the name of the Church of Rome to the Church at Corinth, sedition having then arisen in the latter Church.

    We are aware that this Epistle has been publicly read in very many churches both in old times, and also in our own day. And its place in the Alexandrian ms. Clement is commemorated on November 25th. Click here to refresh the feed. If the Teaching is older than Barnabas, then it cannot be later than A. If both are from a common source, the interval of time was probably not very great. Athanasius the Great d. Could it actually have been written by that Barnabas?

    Or was the author some other man named Barnabas? Or did the name get attached for some other reason? What we do know is that the Letter of Barnabas was widely read in the church during the second and third centuries. Eusebius, the church historian of the same period, was dubious about its canonical claim, and Jerome in the same century called it apocryphal. Nevertheless a fourth-century Greek manuscript of the Scriptures places it right after Johns Revelation. Sparks ed. Soon after Emperor Constantine took up residence in Nicomedia, the eastern capital…he was chagrined to learn of this new controversy that was troubling the whole Eastern Church….

    It opened on May 20, in the city of Nicea, near Nicomedia. In he called a Church council in Constantinople which would become to be known as the Second Ecumenical Council. This council condemned all forms of Arianizing doctrines by reaffirming the doctrinal statement or creed, which had been proclaimed at the Nicene Council. It also condemned Macedonianism, and proclaimed the divinity of the Holy Spirit in a paragraph added to the Creed of Nicea.

    It is this Creed, the combined work of the first two Ecumenical Councils, which orthodox Christians recite at baptismal services and the Divine Liturgy.