The Top Ten Best Selling Tips of All time

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These small improvements will make a property look like new without the need for major renovation. Aside from looking stylish, new doors or windows make your home more energy efficient and can lead to more affordable household running costs and a more environmentally-conscious property, which many buyers are attracted to. Investing in new soil, rocks, shrubs, ground cover, trees, and mulch can help transform your yard; making it appear fresh and inviting.

An appealing yard will help sell the property because it invites buyers to picture themselves spending time outside during the pleasant seasons of the year. This can be done on your own if you have a green thumb, or you could enlist the services of a professional landscaper.

Coin Expert Advice – Ten Tips For Selling Your Coins

Be sure to focus on yard lighting as well, because some buyers will only have the time to drive around after dark. Night lighting can create a modern, chic look for your garden. It may seem strange, but the floor is one of the first things that buyers look at upon entering a property. Old, musty carpeting will definitely not do your home any favours. Although hardwood floors are perennially popular and easy to care for, a high quality carpet can also be quite attractive and create a warm atmosphere. Be sure to fix any flaws in your flooring and be prepared to replace carpets if they are ancient.

The kitchen is one of the most important communal areas of any home. Buyers want a functional workspace that includes good taps, cupboards, and bench-tops. Although this looks sleek and modern, some buyers will be turned off by these types of upgrades because they will automatically assume that the house is more expensive as a result of them. In any case, be sure that all appliances are in working condition and that the kitchen looks tidy and attractive. This may not be necessary to add value to your home, provided that your bathroom is in proper working order and fresh in appearance.

A good bathroom space will be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Clean out your exhaust fan and repair chips in the bathtub or sink to make fixtures look like new. Lighting is really important when selling your home, as no buyer is going to want to live in a dark space. Down-lights look good in most environments and lighting can be used to play up other pieces of decor in the home. There are certain trends that come and go in interior design. Buyers can interpret a white-walled home as being boring and devoid of character, while the right colours can be exciting.

Accent walls and textured brush techniques can add visual interest to your property, but consult with an interior designer if you are unsure. Best of all, when you smile at someone, it activates the brain of the person you are smiling at, And so they are more likely to smile back at you. As humans, we enjoy talking with people that ask insightful questions that help us open up and share details about ourselves. Researchers at Harvard studied what happens in our brains when we discuss information about our favorite subject — ourselves.

The researchers showed that talking about ourselves is linked to pleasure, and that it improved not just our self-perception, but also our perception of the person we are talking to. Salespeople who ask insightful questions to their buyers create a more enjoyable buying experience, which helps increase sales. Competition is strong in the sales industry, so you need every chance to succeed.

The good news is that many there are many salespeople still relying on outdated methods and techniques for how to increase sales.

Top Ten Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

These 21 science-based selling techniques are based on tried-and-tested scientific principles that can help you double your sales. So, the next time you have a sales meeting or speak with a potential new customer, try one of them yourself to see the positive impact it will have on your sales pipeline. Sales process: A roadmap to better sales performance Companies that implement a structured sales process increase revenue, performance…. Steven Macdonald is a digital marketer based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Since working with SuperOffice, he has led the growth of the blog from 0 to 2. You can connect with Steven on LinkedIn and Twitter. View all articles by Steven MacDonald. In one study, it is stated that sales people who use power body language can increase their sales number by 56 percent. To be an effective sales person, you have to use your nonverbal skill using your body language and that is essential skill to shape your buyer's behavior. Really love this piece on science-based selling! I struggle with 15 most of the times. How many options would you recommend one to have on their sales page for products or services?

You're not alone, Muthoni! I recommend testing this as there is no universal best practice. Let me know it goes. Great article! We always try to return phone calls and emails in under an hour-- and customers truly value a speedy response. Even if we need to do further research, we will at least reply and tell them more info will follow. It is amazing how many sales people let opportunities slip through their fingers with poor follow up.

Keep up the well researched articles! Of course, you have to be quick! Every second and every minute counts to convince your potential clients to buy your product. I also think that making videos is one of the best way to attract clients.

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But you must be fluent and clear when presenting the video. Awesome, Steven! This is gold. Thanks for this. Do you happen to have science-based techniques? What an insight Steven, this has been a real eye opener. I've struggled to find the best sales techniques, but this post explains so many that I now need to test!

Regards, Mercy Gacoki. A very good article. Bookmarked and shared already. One query though - on one hand, it is said best to call the leads within 5 minutes and on the other, it is said best to call them on Wednesday or Thursday. If we consider the 5 minute rule to be a given, then day of the week should not matter right?

Thanks, Jinal! Well spotted! So, in this case, I recommend you follow up on all leads within 5 minutes. If that's not possible, then try to follow up on a Wednesday or Thursday. Becoming better in sales is an important skill that we need through our whole lives, not just in business. There are many important skills that we need to learn in life, and one them is improving our sales techniques. Sharing the relatable client success tale is stronger than merely listing the advantages of your item.

I'd add that a good old method of urgency still works great. It's always a good idea to make offers available for a limited time only. Great article Steve. The research and time you put into it gave me a lot of great information. I'm new to sales so it's been a big help.

How to increase the value of your house

Start Free Trial. But this is simply not true. The best sales reps have a proven formula that they use time and time again to generate new business. The secret to their formula? They use science.

Top 10 BEST SELLING Books In History

Science-based selling combines social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics — and makes the sales process all about the buyer and their needs. What is it that makes some sales people better than others? This new approach is called science-based selling. What is science-based selling?

The Best Sales Books of All Time: 61 Must-Reads [ Update]

Contact leads within 5 minutes How long do you wait to contact your leads? Make 6 attempts to reach leads How many times do you contact your leads? Call early morning or late afternoon What time do you call your leads? Smile, and be positive What are the first words out of your mouth when you start speaking to your buyer?

When used correctly, social mediacan be one of your most effective sales tools. Say Yes to Optimism When you look at a glass, is it half empty or half full? What is an ambivert? Sound familiar? Be a Closer, Consultant, or Expert Everyone has their own approach to sales, but what is yours? Act like your buyers Do you notice how your buyers behave and respond to you? Believe in Yourself Do you ever doubt your abilities? Avoiding imposter syndrome can improve your performance and charisma. Let your confidence shine When people describe you, do they use the word confident?

Smile more a lot more Do buyers find you warm and approachable? Just smile at them more. Act like a Doctor Do your buyers open up to you? Conclusion Competition is strong in the sales industry, so you need every chance to succeed. What sales techniques work for you? About Steven MacDonald. Gert-Jan van Doormalen about 3 years ago Damn good summary Steven. Mini-bible for sales people!

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Happy to hear you enjoyed reading it. Charles Wattson about 3 years ago In one study, it is stated that sales people who use power body language can increase their sales number by 56 percent. Muthoni W about 3 years ago Really love this piece on science-based selling!

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Steven MacDonald about 3 years ago You're not alone, Muthoni!