And God Created Dust

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In this case, God is forming human life from the ground itself.

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Following the storyline of this verse, after being "formed," man was merely a lump of well-formed dirt. It's what God did next that made us alive: He breathed into the man's nose the breath of life.

What is the difference between created and made?

Literally, God breathed life into the lump, transforming it into a living being, or "creature," or "soul. Without God, we simply would not live.

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All of this, as one can imagine, adds fuel to the debate over exactly how God went about bringing human life onto the earth. Regardless of the specific process involved, this verse clearly states that God Himself formed man out of the dust of the ground. God personally designed the size, shape, and detail of the first man.

God was intentional, fashioning exactly what He set out to make.

King James Version (KJV)

According to the book of Genesis, the form of that first man was "very good" Genesis God gave the man the authority to name everything, a sign of dominion over the world. God gave us the breath of life. Our dominion over the earth implies responsibility.

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It is for us to treasure life and the earth. A unique feature of Biblical Hebrew is the use of the waw-conversant or the waw-consecutive form of a verb in a narrative , as in these passages from Genesis. The waw-conversant is formed by the Qal imperfect of a verb with the waw prefix.

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While the imperfect generally conveys the future, the addition of the waw converts the sentence to the past. Likewise, the addition of the waw to the Qal perfect, which normally conveys the past, converts the sentence from the past to the future.

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Another feature of Biblical Hebrew is the construct relationship of two nouns joined together to express the genitive case, as there is no preposition in Biblical Hebrew to express the word of. Please note that the construct form of a noun is often different from its absolute state see Key. An interlinear translation is provided for the first passage. Remember Hebrew is read from right to left, so the English translation follows the same pattern.